Track and Verify Salesmen Customer Visits in Field

Efficiently track and verify salesman customer visits with Distributo Software & App. Mark customer visits in the field with photos and comments using our Sales App, which automatically updates location information to ensure the salesman is at the customer's location.
Super awesome App features and customer service support.

Syed Rasik

FMCG Distributor, Tamil Nadu

With Distributo, we have grown 10 times in the last 5 years.

Sanjeev Khurana

FMCG Distributor, Punjab

We have grown on monthly revenue of around 200x with Distributo.

Kishore Nair

F&B Distributor, Bengaluru

Unverified customer visits can hinder your
sales growth!

Unmonitored or unverified customer visits can harm your business by reducing the
number and frequency of orders.

Unable to verify customer visits?

  • Salesmen may not visit the customer as per the beat plan
  • Cannot verify when no transaction happened with customer
    • Customers may not be available during scheduled visits
    • Customers may postpone their orders and visits
  • Staff may falsely report visits without actually visiting the customer counter

Cannot track customer visits?

  • Salespeople may perform transactions from their home
  • Field staff may handle operations over the phone, rather than in person
  • Difficult to find whether a visit was postponed by field staff or customer
  • Ensuring the credibility of the location during visits can be a challenge
  • Keeping track of customer requests can be challenging

Decline in salesmen productivity?

  • Sales team may be postponing customer visits
  • Missing scheduled customer visits
  • Failing to follow assigned tasks
  • Not keeping track of customer requests
  • Staff not meeting the daily sales target
  • Performing transactions without visiting customer

Irregular customer visits?

  • Field staff may slack off and not follow the scheduled beat route plan for sales operations
  • Misreporting of field sales routines can occur
  • Staff may postpone or skip customer visits altogether
  • Sales teams may not visit customers on schedule

Irregular field routines may hold back your business growth!

Unmonitored field routines results in irregular customer visits and will reduce efficiency of sales operations.


Untracked performance

  • Decreased frequency of customer visits
  • Staff not closing enough deals
  • Poor sales outcomes

Unrealised sales objectives

  • Failure to meet daily visit targets
  • Inability to reach daily sales goal
  • Falling short of monthly sales targets

Missed opportunities

  • Frequency of orders declines
  • Decrease in the number of orders
  • Drop in order volume
  • Drop in sales

Low customer retention

  • Customers are unsatisfied due to late visits
  • Communication gap with the customer
  • Customers start seeking alternatives
  • Losing customers to the competition

Cannot verify customer visits over calls

  • Calling every salesman or customer is cumbersome and time-consuming
  • Hard to identify the visit when no transaction is performed
  • Cannot rely just on salesmen's words

Cannot verify visits based on transactions

  • Field staff may perform field ops via phone call
  • Sales team may do field operations from home
  • Salesforce may postpone or skip customer visits
  • Misreports field visits as done without visiting

Mark visit in field & track salesman customer visits to improve productivity in field sales

Mark customer visit in the field with photo and comment. Track customer-wise visits in the back office to increase field sales productivity.

Mark visits

Mark customer visits in field sales

  • Give permission to salesman to mark visits in field & mandate photograph, comments if required
  • Mark customer visits during field sales routine via Sales App
  • Live take photographs of customer location and ensure visits
  • Add comment by mentioning the reason or customer requests
  • Auto capture location while marking visit in Salesman App
Track visits

Verify customer visits of field salesforce

  • Track customer-wise visits with marked visits date and time
  • Check the location in which the visit marked
  • Check the address that salesman visited on map
  • Verify the customer visit with an image and location
  • Check comments that salesman entered during visits while planning beat route

Geofence field ops and ensure visits

  • Enable geofencing to restrict transactions outside the set location limit
  • Geofence while taking orders, payment collection, returns and visits

    Eg.If the staff attempts to take order outside the set limit, App will show an error - “Cannot place the order, To place the request, Please reach the customer location and try again”

Mark visits to monitor and verify salesmen customer visits

Mark customer visits

Mark customer visits in field sales app by adding comments and pictures.

Visit settings

Mandate pictures and comments in Distributo software if required.

Location Tracking

Track salesman location on map and ensure they follow assigned beat route.

Location logs

Check the location log of salesman for the specific day in Distributo software.

Geofence field sales

Geofence to restrict salesman from making transaction out of set location.

Add customer location

Add and check customer location in Salesman Mobile App.

Beat routes

Plan and assign beat routes to salesman to streamline field sales routine.

Order collection

Collect orders by checking digital catalogue and auto-update orders to the back office.

Payment collection

Collect payment in field by check the outstanding details in Sales App.

Return management

Request returns of damaged, defective or expired goods with Sales App.

SMS messages

Send automatic SMS messages on orders, payments and other transactions.

Share receipts

Share receipts from Sales App via WhatsApp or Email to customers.

Track and verify salesman field visits to improve sales performance

  • Verify salesman visits customer counter as per the beat plan
  • Track visits to prevent irregular customer visits
  • Streamline field sales to avoid losing customers to the competition
  • Improve productivity & punctuality in the field sales team

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We are able to handle 6000 active customers with the help of Distributo DMS. We have grown 10X within last 5 years.

Sanjeev Khurana

FMCG Distributor, Punjab


When we started with Distributo, we are 1 brand, and now we are sitting with 6. I would have grown on monthly revenue, around 200X.

Kishore Nair

F&B Distributor, Karnataka


With Distributo, everything is easy and comfortable. In a day, easily we saved 4-5 hours and we can spend more time on business productivity.

N Shudeendra

FMCG Distributor, Karnataka

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Frequently Asked Questions

In Distributo sales app, salesman can mark the visits with picture and comments.

Yes, you can disable the picture and comment option in Distributo Software.

Yes, you can track salesman on map during his field visits in distribution software.

Yes, you can enable only ‘geofence payment’ settings in Distributo Software.

Yes, with Distributo software, you can check customer visits by time, date, location, and view updated comments and dates in the back office.

When updating visits in Distributo App, it will automatically capture the location of the salesman and display whether it is at the customer's address or not.

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