Grow Volume of your Food & Beverage Distribution

Bill and manage high order volume with ease for your Food & Beverage distribution, stockist or wholesale business. Handle multiple SKU variants, take orders, and track payment collection using Distributo Field Sales App.

Super awesome App features and customer service support.

Syed Rasik

FMCG Distributor, Tamil Nadu

With Distributo, we have grown 10 times in the last 5 years.

Sanjeev Khurana

FMCG Distributor, Punjab

We have grown on monthly revenue of around 200x with Distributo.

Kishore Nair

F&B Distributor, Bengaluru

Manage multiple variants and high order volume

  • Digital catalogue for Salesman
  • Take Orders from app for
    • Multiple brands
    • Multiple products
    • Multiple variants
    • Varying prices
  • Avoid order-taking mistakes

More visibility of stocks with inventory management

  • Manage multiple warehouses
  • Maintain optimal stock levels
  • Forecast customer demand
  • Maintain high fulfilment rate
  • Reduce expenses of dead & slow inventory
  • Track expiring batches
  • Track damaged products

Systematise payment collection and reduce outstanding

  • Regularise follow-ups for payments collection
  • See due Invoices in App
  • Collect partial payments
  • Track cash, cheque, online, etc. payment modes
  • Reduce market outstanding
  • Prevent pilferage

Salesman App for tracking orders and payments

Switch to digital and automate salesforce with Field sales app. Increase number of customer visits and improve sales.
  • Ease order-taking for salesman with e-catalogue
  • Ensure accuracy in orders collection
  • Initiate returns of expiry and damaged goods from customers
  • See outstanding payments in app
  • Track cash, cheque, or online mode payments
  • Displays designated customers in the app to visit
  • View customer transactions like orders, invoices, payments, and returns
  • Transparency in sales operations

Management Software to centralise billing and outstanding

Simplify back-office workload with distribution software and save a ton of time. Connect with field sales team in real-time sitting at back office.
  • Auto sync orders collected at back office
  • Plan beat routes and salesman's workday
  • Locate sales rep on map to ensure field visits
  • Get GST-compliant invoices, e-way bills and e-invoices with a few click
  • Generate invoice reports, sales reports and more
  • Prevent huge market outstanding
  • Create and customise invoices formats and make them look professional
  • Get hold of your inventory and match customer demands
  • Manage purchase orders, invoices, returns, payment outs and more

Generate invoices in bulk with simple clicks

  • Hassle-free create and customise GST compliant invoices
  • Create e-way bills directly from software
  • Get E-invoices with QR code in one click
  • Reduce billing turnaround time
  • Create duplicates copies to share with different stakeholders

Advance inventory management to track expiring batches

  • Stock inventory according to customer demands
  • Track batch number of goods for shelf life and expiry
  • Reduce spoilage, wastage, and losses

Return expiring goods on time and minimise losses

  • Place returns of expiry and damaged goods
  • Claim replacement of defective goods
  • Track checks and approvals

Streamlines your procurement with advanced purchase management

  • Create supplier-wise purchase orders and match with the incoming items
  • Track purchase invoices for specific POs
  • Check the status of POs, purchase invoices and payment outs
  • Manage all suppliers in one place and ensure transaction visibility

Modernise your management and thrive

You may have accepted these as part of your daily routine but it doesn't have to be that way.

Order via App

Give more time to salesman to do sales by collecting orders digitally and improve order turnaround time.

Picking & Packing

Generate picking and packing slips for orders for faster order processing.

Billing Solution

Auto-fill taxes and order details to get GST- compliant invoices in a single click.

E-way bill

Generate e-way bills in simple steps and speed up dispatches.


Generate an e-invoice without visiting the portal and print IRN and QR code on the invoice.

Invoice Format

Customise invoice templates with dozen of options according to your business needs.

Inventory Management

Track and manage inventory with batch numbers to stock up goods.

Multiple warehouses

Manage multiple warehouses and branches across different locations in a single system.

Outstanding Management

Set credit limit and outstanding invoices for each customer and customer group and limit market outstanding.

Offers & Promotions

Easy display and apply schemes and offers for specified customer.
Salesman sees due payments in mobile app; regularise collection and track payments made in cash, online, NEFT, etc.


Minimise losses with timely returns of expired and damaged goods.

Plan Beat Routes

Assist field sales reps with pre-planned beat routes to locate and navigate to customers.

Location Tracking

Track location of salesman in field and ensure he follows beat routes and meets customers.

Purchase Management

Manage purchase orders, invoices, returns, payment outs and more.

SMS Notifications

Send SMS notifications to digitally engage with customers. Increase transparency in order and payment collections.

WhatsApp Shares

Share receipts on-spot for orders, invoices, payments, returns and more.

Geo-fence Field Ops

Enable geo-fence settings to restrict the sales team from making any transactions outside the set location limit.

Mark Customer Visits

Salesman marks customer visits in the app with pictures and comment.


Generate a variety of reports, sales reports, inventory reports, etc. Analyse market trends and plan future opportunities. forecast business plans.

GST Reports

Submit GST Returns easily. Generate GST Compliant reports and returns with auto-population of information.

Cut inventory loss and improve margins

Manage and overview stock of multiple warehouses in a single screen.

  • Return obsolete and non-moving stocks and cut down costs
  • Update stocks according to customer demands
  • Improved sales and supply of goods

Systematic payment collections to increase revenue

Without an effective tracking system, managing customers' outstanding can be a nightmare.

  • Roll in revenue with effective collection process
  • Systematisation to identify problematic customers
  • Trace payments collected in cash, cheque, or online mode

See what our customers have to say about us


We are able to handle 6000 active customers with the help of Distributo DMS. We have grown 10X within last 5 years.

Sanjeev Khurana

FMCG Distributor, Punjab


When we started with Distributo, we are 1 brand, and now we are sitting with 6. I would have grown on monthly revenue, around 200X.

Kishore Nair

F&B Distributor, Karnataka


With Distributo, everything is easy and comfortable. In a day, easily we saved 4-5 hours and we can spend more time on business productivity.

N Shudeendra

FMCG Distributor, Karnataka

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Distributo supports real-time tracking of the salesman in field. You can locate him on map sitting at back office.

Yes, With Distributo web app hassle free generate e-way bill and e-invoices.

Yes, Distributo field sales app is specially designed for salesman to take orders, collect payments and returns from the field.

Yes, you can generate sales reports and other various reports directly from the system and analyse market trends and future opportunities.

Yes, Distributo mobile app syncs real-time payment updates at back office and reduce money leakages.

In Distiubto management system you can update and track payment status as cash, online, cheque, DD, NEFT, etc.

Yes, you can choose and enable SMS notifications and emails send to customers for orders and other various transactions.

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