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Seamlessly generate GST reports, stay compliant with the law, auto-populate data, ease burden, secure return filing with the cloud, and reduce compliance time.
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Syed Rasik

FMCG Distributor, Tamil Nadu

With Distributo, we have grown 10 times in the last 5 years.

Sanjeev Khurana

FMCG Distributor, Punjab

We have grown on monthly revenue of around 200x with Distributo.

Kishore Nair

F&B Distributor, Bengaluru

Compiling transactions for filing GST
can be challenging!

Keeping track of all transactions and compiling them to prepare GST Reports
can be a hard and cumbersome process.

Hard to compile transactions!

Manually compiling transactions to prepare GST Reports are prone to mistakes.

  • Errors while compiling invoice information
    • Mistakes in invoice number
    • Errors in date, rate, tax slabs and more
  • Leaving out credit note information in GSTR1

Trouble preparing GST reports

Keeping track of every transaction and preparing reports is tedious.

  • Tedious to segment registered and non-registered customers
  • Separating B2B and B2C invoices is hard
  • Failing to file NIL return
  • Tax applied under the wrong tax head
  • Complex to reconcile

Hassle maintaining compliance?

Being compliant is difficult when reports are not prepared clearly and on time.

  • Mismatches in GSTR1 and GSTR3B
  • Inaccuracy in monthly or quarterly GST report
  • Repeated or missing invoices in report

Problems in GST returns can lead to issues with tax authorities and customers

GST returns that are late or incorrect could leave to compliance issues and put you in trouble with the tax authorities.


GST Return Delay

Timely submission of GST returns is required by law, and failure to do so may result in non-compliance.

  • Forgetting the return filing deadline
  • Compiling transactions near the due date
  • Lag in preparing GST reports

Issues with tax authority

When you fail to comply and file returns late, tax authorities may give you a tough time.

  • You may face monetary penalties
  • Late fee will be levied in case of delays

Customer Trust Broken

Failure to file returns on time not only affects compliance; it can also annoy customers.

  • Customers cannot claim input credit
  • Customers complain about not getting credit

Complicated return filing

The return filing process gets complicated when you compile and generate reports without software.

  • Days devoted to compiling and preparing reports
  • Feeling pressure near the due date
  • Time-consuming work for staff

Hard to compile GST reports without proper software

To compile GST reports manually by yourself or with help of an accountant is a time taking.

  • Hassle compiling transactions
  • Performing complex & lengthy calculations
  • Working with accountants to ensure everything is right
  • Minor errors lead to compliance issues

Generate easy GST return reports and remain compliant with ease

Generate ready GST return reports seamlessly with the automated Distributo billing software, simplify return filing process and get your GST reports in just a click.

Auto-Compile Taxes

Auto-complies GST Taxes information

Distributo records all transactions and auto-compiles tax information to generate GST reports
All the details are picked directly from our system.

  • Customer's GSTIN
  • Price and quantity of sold items
  • Applied tax rates
  • Place of supply
  • Date of the supply
GST Reports

Ready to file GST Reports

Easily file returns with ready GST reports fully complainant with GST Tools.

  • GST Complete Report
  • GSTR1 Reports
  • GSTR3B Report
  • Download reports monthly or quarterly basis
  • Easily share ready GST reports with CA or Accounts team
GST Rate Data

Handy Reports of Tax-Rate wise GST Transactions

Get tax-rate wise transaction data for invoices, credit notes and debit notes.

  • Separately for B2B and B2C
  • GST Invoices By Rate
  • GST Credit Notes By Rate
  • GST Debit Notes By Rate
  • Share the data with CAs or accounts team for cross-checking

Hassle-free GST compliance for your distribution business

Generate GST reports and everything else you need in simple clicks from the system, to remain compliant with GST regime.

Accurate Returns

Distributo compiles transactions automatically and ensures accuracy in GST reports.

Ready GST reports

Easily file GST returns with handy GST reports like GSTR1, GSTR3B.

Export As Excel

Export and download the ready GSTR1 and GSTR3B from the software in excel format.

Saves Time

Save spending hours compiling transactions and preparing GST Reports using Distributo software.

Reduces Burden

Reduce staff workload by auto-populating all the transactions directly from the software.

GST Tool Compatible

GST Reports are generated in excel formats that GST Offline tool recognises.

GST Complete

Get the complete GST invoice & credit note report for B2B, B2C, and purchases for the chosen time period.

GSTR1 Report

Download GSTR1 Report with simple clicks & file returns on time by auto-populating sales/outward supply transactions.

GSTR3B Report

Download the GSTR3B Report with all transactions compiled for the selected time period.

GST Invoices By Rate

Download handy GST Invoice by rate report for the chosen time period. Segmented report by B2B and B2C.

GST Credit Notes By Rate

Get GST Credit note reports by tax rates for B2B and B2C in simple clicks for the chosen period.

GST Debit Notes By Rate

Select the specified period and get the debit note reports with tax rates for B2B & B2C transactions.

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We are able to handle 6000 active customers with the help of Distributo DMS. We have grown 10X within last 5 years.

Sanjeev Khurana

FMCG Distributor, Punjab


When we started with Distributo, we are 1 brand, and now we are sitting with 6. I would have grown on monthly revenue, around 200X.

Kishore Nair

F&B Distributor, Karnataka


With Distributo, everything is easy and comfortable. In a day, easily we saved 4-5 hours and we can spend more time on business productivity.

N Shudeendra

FMCG Distributor, Karnataka

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the software creates GSTR1 and GSTR3B for the distribution business in just one click.

No, the software auto-populates transaction information. If you are a new user, you can feed the transaction data directly in excel file.

Yes, Distributo offers GST Complete reports. You can see GST reports by invoice, credit notes, and purchase invoice.

Yes, you can generate tax-wise GST reports.

Yes, you can filter reports and keep specific sections that you need.

You have to have an internet connection to use the software.

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