Beat Routes

Plan beat routes and schedule customer visits to streamline field sales routine

Manage your field sales routine by planning and assigning the beat routes to salesman. Set customer visit frequency with Distributo Software. Sales team can check the assigned beat routes in the Field Sales App.
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Unplanned field sales routines may lead
to poor sales performance!

Field sales routines without a beat route plan may result in poor sales
performance and salesforce productivity.

Unplanned field sales routine?

Hard to manage field operations without a proper beat route plan.

  • Missing customer visits during field sales
  • Salesman may repeatedly be visiting the same customer
  • Frequency of customer visits may decline
  • Sales team may not finish the daily sales tasks
  • Postponing customer visits

Unorganised customer list?

Hassle to plan beats with an unorganised customer list.

  • Hard to locate customers during field visits
  • Salesmen may skip customer visits
  • Salesman may be juggling between customers in multiple locations
  • Sales team is confused about when to visit which customer

Hard to find customer location?

Field operation slows down if the sales team not having a customer location.

  • Salesman spend more time finding customer location
  • Back office is loaded with lots of calls from field staff for location
  • Salesman cannot prioritise which customer to visit based on the customer list
  • Cannot visit or deliver goods to customers on time

Unable to fetch outstanding?

Planning field routine for collection becomes hard without beat-wise outstanding details.

  • Salesmen call back office to inquire about overdue
  • Sales team may track overdue via invoice bundles
  • Difficult to track payment collection made in different modes

Field routines without a beat route plan can hinder business growth

Scaling your distribution becomes challenging if beat routes for
the field sales team are not well planned.


Sluggish field routine

Without a proper beat plan, field sales operations in the distribution business become difficult and slow.

  • Fewer customer visits
  • Delayed or irregular customer visits
  • Cannot fulfil orders on time
  • distributo-beat-routes-unmet-sales-targets

    Sales targets are not met

    Meeting sales targets without a beat route plan in the distribution business is hard.

  • Customer visit frequency may decline
  • Unable to complete the daily visit & sales target
  • Failing to achieve the sales goal
  • distributo-beat-routes-increased-overhead-cost

    Increased overhead cost

    Field sales routine without a beat route plan will increase the overhead cost.

  • More time is spent on calls rather than on sales activities
  • Cost of order fulfilment will increase
  • distributo-beat-routes-sales-and-margin-drops

    Drop in sales & margin

    Unplanned routines and irregular visits will affect the distribution business sales.

  • Unable to retain the existing customer
  • Sales number is decreased and stagnant
  • Increase in market outstanding
  • Hard to manage sales team over call during field visits

    Managing the sales team over call for every customer visit is practically challenging.

    • Sales team spends a lot of time finding a location for customers
    • Calling back office or customer for location doubts
    • Not delivering or visiting customers on time

    Cannot manage beat routes with WhatsApp groups

    Hard to track the field sales routines by assigning beat routes via WhatsApp groups.

    • Salespeople get confused about assigned work
    • Not having handy customer details
    • Delay in customer visits without location

    Plan & schedule beat routes with Distributo to streamline your field sales routines

    Streamline field sales routine and improve sales performance by planning
    and scheduling beat routes with Distributo Software.


    Segment customers & create beats

    Create a beat route by classifying customers based on their location.

    • Name the beat route based on its location as required
    • Filter to find and add customers who belong to the specific beat
    • Fix the customer visit frequency
      • Periodically
      • Daily, weekly & monthly
    • Select one or more salesman for the beat route

    Assign beat routes to field sales team

    Assign & schedule the planned beat route to the sales team.

    • Assign the beat routes to salesforce in multiple ways
      • Users page
      • Customer profile
      • Beat routes
    • Schedule on what days each beat is to be visited
    • Assign & schedule one or more beat routes to salesman

    Beat-wise customer visits with location

    Check the assigned beats in the map via Distributo Salesman App.

    • Salesteam can check their assigned beat routes in Field Sales App
    • Check the beat map to follow the routine by prioritising the work based on the location
    • Check customer location on map to ease visits and delivery

    Digitise & plan beat routes to improve productivity in field sales

    Create beat routes

    Group customers by location and create beat routes in simple steps with Distributo Software.

    Assign beat routes

    Assign one or more beat routes to salesman via the customers or users page from Distributo Software.

    Beat map

    Check the assigned beat route map in Salesman Mobile App to prioritise and work.

    Geo-fencing field ops

    Enable geofencing to restrict field salespeople from performing transactions out of a set location.

    Salesman tracking

    Set start and end time to track the salesman's location in the field by sitting back office.

    Location logs

    Check the date-wise location log of salesman movements throughout the day with Distributo Software.

    Customer location

    Add and check customer location in Field Sales App to ease the delivery and visits.

    Visit marking

    Mark customer visits with pictures and comments via Salesman App.

    Order collection

    Collect orders while checking the digital catalogue in Salesman App.

    Payment collection

    Collect payment in different payment modes and auto-update to back office with Distributo Sales App.

    Handy outstanding invoice

    Check customer-wise outstanding invoices in Salesman Mobile App and collect payment on time.

    Beat-wise sales report

    Check the beat-wise sales for a specific period with Distributo Software.

    Beat-wise outstanding report

    Check the beat-wise market outstanding by generating Beat-wise reports in Distributo Software.

    Track salesforce location to ensure customer visits

    Track the location of the sales team and improve their performance in field.

    • Keep an eye on field salesforce from back office software
    • Track to keep sales team work disciplined
    • Monitor field visits to improve the productivity of salesforce
    • Check sales team follows assigned beat route

    Systematise field sales routines to improve sales performance

    Plan the daily routine of salesmen to streamline the field sales.

    • Improve your DSO figure by managing field sales ops
    • Plan beat routes to meet daily sales targets
    • Plan salesman journey from morning to evening in field
    • Attain your monthly sales goal with a proper routine

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    We are able to handle 6000 active customers with the help of Distributo DMS. We have grown 10X within last 5 years.

    Sanjeev Khurana

    FMCG Distributor, Punjab


    When we started with Distributo, we are 1 brand, and now we are sitting with 6. I would have grown on monthly revenue, around 200X.

    Kishore Nair

    F&B Distributor, Karnataka


    With Distributo, everything is easy and comfortable. In a day, easily we saved 4-5 hours and we can spend more time on business productivity.

    N Shudeendra

    FMCG Distributor, Karnataka

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes, you can check beat-wise outstanding details in Distributo Software.

    You can create beat routes in the distribution business by dividing your customers into groups and making multiple beats. You can plan and manage beat routes with Distributo Software.

    Yes, with distribution software you can track field salesmen on map.

    With Distributo Software, you can geofence routines, track location, mark customer visit with picture and more.

    Yes, with Distributo Software you can assign multiple beat routes to one salesman.

    Yes, you can check the customer location of assigned beat routes on map in the Distributo Salesman App.

    Salesman can check the assigned beat routes in Distributo Field Sales App and also use beat map to prioritise and work.

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