Track salesman location and ensure customer visits

See location map of your salesman. Track their journey across beat from morning to evening. Ensure customer visits and improve sales performance.
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Syed Rasik

FMCG Distributor, Tamil Nadu

With Distributo, we have grown 10 times in the last 5 years.

Sanjeev Khurana

FMCG Distributor, Punjab

We have grown on monthly revenue of around 200x with Distributo.

Kishore Nair

F&B Distributor, Bengaluru

If you can’t track it, you can’t manage it

Sales teams without being tracked and pushed may get slack and thereby affect sales.

Sales team slacks?

Sales are emotionally draining. Without monitoring and boost, teams can slack. That can lead to loss of sales.

  • Punctuality declines
  • Untraceable field operations
  • Assigned visits are not performed
  • Reach is not increasing

Irregular Customer Visits?

Without ensuring automated tracking, retailer visits can become irregular.

  • Frequency of customer visits may decline
  • Missed customer during beat visits
  • Postponing visits
  • Order frequency declining

Losing Customers to Competition?

Lack of regular sales effort customer may be lost to the competition.

  • Unsatisfied Customers
  • Market insights can’t reach you
  • Retailers start looking for alternatives
  • Market share may declines

Sluggish sales growth?

Overall sales numbers may get stagnant and and affect growth plans.

  • Order size may decrease
  • Order frequency and volumes may decline
  • Sales numbers decline
  • Sales Targets get missed

Untracked sales team lose efficiency and hampers your business growth

Sales performance in distribution determines revenue and growth. Untracked sales teams may lack productivity and negatively impact your business.


Opportunities get missed

  • Bigger orders decline
  • Can’t bring in new customers
  • Can’t collect insights on customer demand
  • Affects business-customer relation

Revenues declines

  • Sales number get stagnant or decline
  • Can’t retain the existing customer
  • Payment collections slow down

Growth targets aren’t met

  • Unable to fulfil the daily sales targets
  • Fails to achieve the sales goal
  • Growth plans are impacted

Assigning beats and setting a schedule isn’t enough

While growing your sales team you need a system to track salesman and can’t just hope for performance.

  • Humans slack and so do salesman
  • Salesman may not follow the schedules
  • Assigned visits gets postponed
  • Daily sales targets get missed

See on map, the locations visited during a day by your salesman

Track sales team on the map and ensure customer visits. Improve sales team's productivity multifold in your distribution business.


Enable salesman tracking during a period

Track your salesman to ensure his field visit.

  • Set when the locations tracking should start in morning
  • Set how frequently the location has to be tracked. eg. Every 10 minutes or 20 minutes
  • Set when the locations tracking should stop in evening

See tracked locations on map

Keep an eye on sales team’s movement in the field.

  • Check your salesman’s location history during a day
  • See when salesman start the day
  • See when salesman ended his day
  • Cross-check field visit's on a date and time

Get visibility of when and where salesman went

Verify does salesman follows the assigned beat route.

  • Check the location log by date for each salesman
  • Analyse the areas that were visited during the day
  • Estimate the time spent in an area

Automate sales team tracking to Improve performance

Ensure Customer Visits

Track locations of sales reps to ensure they visits customers and follows assigned beat route.

Discipline Field Sales

Organise field sales operations to improve sales team accountability.

Increase visibility in field operations

Get a complete view of the salesman's daily movements on map.

Prevent sales team slack

Geo-verify sales rep visits on map to prevent salesman from slacking from his work.

Fulfil daily sales target

Tracking salespeople will help you achieve your daily sales goals and increase your revenue.

Improve market reach

Increase customer visits and expand your market by monitoring field sales operations.

Increase Order Size

Field visits to take order increases the size of order as compared to order taken on call.

Generate more sales

Tracking sales rep will increase the customer visit frequency and boosts mores sales.

On-board new customers

Track and ensure salesmen follow assigned beat to bring in new customers.

Automate and monitor sales reps at every movement

  • Track sales-rep anytime on field
  • Increase customer visit frequency and gain credibility
  • Increase customer retention and repeat orders
  • Increases revenue of your business

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We are able to handle 6000 active customers with the help of Distributo DMS. We have grown 10X within last 5 years.

Sanjeev Khurana

FMCG Distributor, Punjab


When we started with Distributo, we are 1 brand, and now we are sitting with 6. I would have grown on monthly revenue, around 200X.

Kishore Nair

F&B Distributor, Karnataka


With Distributo, everything is easy and comfortable. In a day, easily we saved 4-5 hours and we can spend more time on business productivity.

N Shudeendra

FMCG Distributor, Karnataka

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes almost. You can see the location of the salesman tracking every few minutes.

Yes, it is possible. You can check locations of a salesman of any past date.

Yes, You can plan Beat routes and assign those to a salesmen as per a schedule.

You can enable SMS messages and emails notifications sent to customers when payments are received. That will help verify the payment collected.

You can set the working hours in the software and the location will only be tracking during that period.

You can prevent the salesman from using the app at all if they don’t switch on location and thereby ensure the location is enabled.

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