We make your business work for you!

We at Distributo strive to empower you, distributors, using technology and make you thrive. We build tools to ease you from everyday hassle of management and make your business work for you.

Our Values


We keep our promises and do what we say we do.


We are clear about who we are and what we do.


We take our customer’s problems personally.


We give at-most attention to what we choose to do.


We keep going till we met our goals.


We believe, when our customers win, we win.

Our Story

A quick glimpse of our journey while building Distributo.

Designed for Distributors from
Day One!

The conceptualisation of Distributo started when a long-term customer asked us for a solution to help manage his newly started distribution business. We research and dwelled deep into his problems. We realised that there are many software built from the perspective of brands but no modern software for distributors specifically.

Focused on everyday

We took the challenge and using our years old expertise in building enterprise software, started designing and developing a solution focused on everyday problems of distributors. As you know, distribution is an operationally intensive business with thin margins. So managing operations effectively and efficiently is crucial for business profitability.

Too many pain-points of
distributors were unsolved!

Management related pain-point unique to distributors are not solved by commonly used accounting software. Distribution involves field operations that are hard to manage. Goods are sold on credit basis. Outstanding collection remains a challenge. Multiple stack-holders like brands, brand-salesman, staff, retailers, and transporters are to be dealt with.

We solved and are making
distributors succeed!

In Distributo we developed solutions to such unique problems. Our technology came out in two parts, first a simple mobile app for field staff and second an advanced web-app for office. Together these simple and easy to use applications now are empowers and transform several distribution business across countries.

Our Approach

To make your business efficient and your teams productive, we do things.


Automate as much managerial work as possible.


Empower people with tools to do things faster and quicker.


Passion for building great things together.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Distributo software is specially designed for business in the distribution space, like super stockists, stockists, distributors, marketers, agencies, and wholesalers.

Yes, the salesman mobile app is part of the software.

Yes, our mobile app has location tracking feature that gives you a maps of salesman’s location during a day.

Yes, distributo will generate bills in GST format.

Distributo can do lot of in-built custom things for you like custom invoice formats, custom fields, custom reports, etc. How-ever customisation beyond that is not offered.

Yes, we prioritise providing good support to our customer. Support is available over email, phone-call and video call.

Please request demo and get in touch with our sales team, they will explain you the price.