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We have grown 10 times within the last 5 years.

Let’s delve into the journey of a Punjab-based FMCG Distributor, Mr Khurana. He overcame operational inefficiencies in his business with the help of Distributo and grew 10x within 5 years.

Prior Challenges

Overwhelmed and Overworked

In 2018, Mr Khurana ran a business with approximately 1500 active customers, relying on basic accounting software and manual processes to handle everything from sales to delivery. As the business grew, it became increasingly challenging for him to plan field sales routines, keep track of stock levels, make sales decisions and much more.

Manual processes made order fulfilment slow, and it took up to 3-4 days to deliver goods to customers. It also made staff spend hours combing through thousands of invoices to verify payment collection and control credit.

These tasks were labour-intensive and often caused delays in day-to-day operations, leaving the staff with less time to focus on other important tasks. He realised that his current accounting software and systems are no longer effective in managing the different aspects of his growing business.


Handling all those 1500 counters, checking outstanding, delivery... with my style of business, I call it total chaos.

said Khurana, reflecting on the challenges he faced then. With a decent size of operations, a lot of work remained manual and made it impossible to make informed sales decisions which were extremely time-consuming for him.

His ambition to grow was held back because of these. He realised the need for a software solution beyond just accounting, that can help him manage distribution operations well.


Chaos to Control

That’s when he discovered Distributo and implemented it. Distributo transformed the daily routine of his distribution business, streamlining what was once a chaotic process.

The features, such as customer transaction history, customer outstanding, purchase patterns, payment trends, and more, simplified the credit management and verification process. Synergy got created in field and warehouse operations of his distribution business.

With this system in place, Mr Khurana now has unparalleled control over credits and easily manages a vast customer network. He expressed his satisfaction with the newfound efficiency and manageability in business. He went on to say,


We have fantastic control over money. Our active customers in 2 locations is close to about 6000. Active customers! Which we are able to manage with the help of Distributo DMS.

Distributo enabled his business to scale and manage 6000 active customers with ease.

The comprehensive reports on customer orders, payments, and other key metrics have allowed him to make informed sales decisions and enhance the overall efficiency of his operations.

Business Booms

10x Growth and Next-Day Delivery

With improved operational efficiency and informed decisions, his business experienced exponential growth, expanding tenfold (10X). He started to ensure next-day delivery to customers. This is a significant improvement from the prior delivery time of 3 to 4 days.

As a proponent of technology in business, he shared the importance of software in managing distribution operations. He says, relying on memory alone may work for a smaller customer base, but to achieve substantial growth, software becomes indispensable. As he puts it,


If you want to be at the 500-customer level, it is okay. But if you want to create a scale, you cannot remember everything in memory, so you have to have software to manage.

He spoke highly of the support he receives from Distributo, noting their timely response and efficient issue resolution.


I'm always happy with Distributo's support. I think we get a response within 30-40 mins, and issues are resolved, he affirms.

Having experienced the benefits of Distributo software firsthand, he recommends Distributo to other distributors, stating, "Go ahead sooner than later, you can expand to many folds with proper checks and controls, that's all you need in business."

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